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JB 93

Jonathan Bengtsson

My Journey


My name is Jonathan Bengtsson, I´m 23 years old living half year in Lommel, Belgium and half year in Helsingborg, Sweden.


As a 3 year old little boy I was introduced to the world of motocross. My first time on the bike was in my home town Helsingborg in southern of Sweden. It only took me once to be hooked in the free world of riding. My passion for the sport has only grown bigger during the year and I am blessed to be able to ride as a professional motocross rider.


I have been riding the Swedish championship, The German ADAC and the Belgium championship. Unfortunately I´m been injured every year since 2008 with different bigger injuries, as been showned in my end results during the seasons. With determination and a whole lot of will I´ve been back on the bike every year.


Motocross riding is my life, my passion and my will-power, I live for the sport and I have the best work to go to every morning. I won´t lie, it´s hard, it hurts and it´s not a straight journey but I´m a fighter and I will do what ever it takes to make it to the top.


The future is bright and I´m ready to meet 2018´s challenge as I will compete the world championship MXGP.


Follow me on Instagram: Jbeengtsson to be a part of my daily life.


 Contact:                                                                                    jonathan.bengtsson@hotmail.com                                                                          +46(0)708-28 19 63